Sing, Record, Share!

Are you tired and tired of hiding in the background while all your families, friends and colleagues become the next Rock Star, Pop Star, Hip-Hop idols while you scramble to avoid being next in-line to sing at parties?

If you agree, Magic Mic Karaoke will change your destiny.

Because you don’t have to sit still and be embarrassed to sing or try looking to run away.

And you know what else, they make you sing while they record you and share your experience on their social media platform where it’s chronicle on the clouds for eternity.

When next time you are ask to go up to sing, you can have the confidence and self-esteem from practicing on Magic Mic Karaoke in the privacy of your own smartphone to become the next voice that resonate.

How does the Magic Mic Karaoke™ work?

Magic Mic Karaoke creates studio recording effortless and with ease with your built-in microphone jack that can be found on your smartphone.  Plugged the Magic Mic Karaoke onto your microphone jack, open the Apps on your smartphone, listen to the music from Magic Mic Karaoke headphones, follow the lyrics as it records your voice, afterwards, it lays the tracks, and you’re ready to play back or share them on-line with all your families, friends and fans.

What happens if I have an Apple phone or Android phone, can I used Magic Mic Karaoke?

Just go to the Apple Store for your iPhone and the Google Play Store for all your Android’s phone and download from the Apps by typing “sing along karaoke” and find plenty of Apps.

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